Our Safe Together protocol focuses on four key safety areas which are essential for the health of all our guests here at Dion Palace.

1.Health and Safety of guests

  • Enhanced deep cleaning of our guest rooms prior to arrival of guests and daily disinfection of rooms with a focus on high-contact areas.
  • Regular sanitization of door handles, surfaces and buttons with specially approved disinfectants.
  • Implentation of sanitization stations all across our resort and employees-only areas.
  • Disinfection of chairs and sunbeds after each use.
  • Fresh air circulation of indoor spaces. Common area A/C not in use across resort .

2.Personnel Health and Safety Measures

  • Intensive training on all of our staff on the use of P.P.E (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Certified seminars on how to treat potential cases or spotting suspicious symptoms and acting accordingly to the health first national protocol.
  • Daily temperature checks prior to staff arriving on their work stations.
  • Providence and encouragement on our staff for frequent sanitization and change of equipment

3.Social Distancing

  • Single use and digital menus available to our customers to minimize physical contact.
  • 2 metre space between tables and at least 4 meter spacing between sunbeds, ample for safe-distancing.
  • Sunbeds, pool areas and equipment are disinfected (after each use) while increased water quality controls take place.
  • Implentation of pre-booking for our spa and gym services in order to provide time to disinfection after every use.
  • Floor signs on all of our desks and stations in order to help our guests keep safe distances.

4.Food and Beverage Safety

  • Daily deep sanitization of all restaurant facilities.
  • Appropriate cleaning of all materials and ingredients used in kitchens.
  • Thorough sanitizations of all kitchen utensils.
  • Enhanced food storage and transport protocols.
  • A la carte only options for our guests.
  • POS machines and equipment sanitized between each use.

5.Constant monitoring of the COVID-19 situation and further implementation of preventive measures according to National Health System protocols. 

  • Rea Hotels and Dion Palace are committed to upholding our customers to the highest of standards while maintaining our warm and friendly identity that distingues us from most hotels.  We aim to keep that commitment by placing your safety at the top of our list, all while keeping our values and providing you our hospitality experience.